Earn Extra Money!
...With Little or No Effort in the Real Estate business!     

If you want a Career in Real Estate but do not have the time to work at it, this program could be for you. Tough markets allow for more creative ideas from the REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY, and we've got ‘em!

Starting your business in Real Estate has never been easier and we can show you how. In this challenging economy everyone is trying to make extra money. A part time position in Real Estate is the answer. Attend our information night and find out how your dream of becoming a Real Estate Agent can come true. When the market changes, you will be ready!

Most Companies frown on Part time agents. Our new part time programs allow more flexibility than ever before.  This could be your ticket to extra income without the time commitment hassle.

Four Packages to choose:
  • Mentor Program (New Agent)
  • Rainmaker Program (Experienced Agents)
  • Coaching Program (New and Experienced Agent)
  • MLC Program (New and Experienced Agents)

Call me to schedule a time to discuss which program would be right for you!  I am not talking about starting a team or working with team.  This is a different concept all together.  Did you escrow your license? Let us help you get that license out of escrow and start making money! We can show you how!  

A surfer waits in the water for the next wave to ride in. He is not waiting on the beach.  Don't be on the beach when the waves come in! Be ready to ride the wave when everyone else is trying to paddle out to catch it!

This is the time to position yourself! Let us help you!
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